BERT4WIN - BERT for Windows


do small inversion projects (2d, closed geometries,...) also on Desktop/Notebook computer
prepare inversion (meshing, ...) for bigger projects on Desktop before going to number cruncher
do synthetic modelling combined with dcmatlab
however some apps might be slower, but we're working on it

Generally there are two ways:

A) Ask Carsten or Thomas what's best for you

B) Use precompiled Binaries

will be sufficient for pure users, however it is not suitable for frequent code changes
They are available 32bit or 64bit Windows (XP, should work on vista as well)
ask Thomas to get a distribution

C) CVS sources and build it yourself: You need

cvs client, e.g. WinCVS
Code::Blocks, a free C++ suite coming along with MINGW compiler
dcfemlib: ask Carsten for cvs account, see DCFEMLib page
the libraries needed: UFconfig, LDL(>=2.x), AMD(>=2.x), ann (1.x), triangle (1.5 or 1.6), tetgen (for 3D), optional: taucs, cholmod
> build libraries and external software using the lib*.cbp project files
> build dcfemlib.dll using dcfemlib\mingw\dcfemlib.cbp (code blocks project)
> build the individual BERT programs using dcfemlib\mingw\bert.cbp

How to work with BERT4WIN

add dcfemlib\mingw to the windows path using environment variables
add dcfemlib\apps\polytools as well if working with poly tools
use LINSOLVER=2 (LDL solver instead of taucs) in every BERT config file
work under cygwin as under linux, visualize with Paraview or dcmatlab
later on python script and GUI will combine both
dcfemlib2 will solve all these inconveniences