DCFemLib - Direct Current Finite Element Library
is the basis of our main project - modeling and inversion on unstructured grids
is written in C++ and about to being portet to other platforms than Linux
contains tools for grid generation, data handling, modeling and inversion
DCMatLab - Direct Current Matlab toolboxes
are matlab routines for data handling, fd forward modeling and inversion
basis for the available GUI software DC2dInvRes/DC3dInvRes
is used for visualization and pre/postprocessing of the DCFemLib results

Our main project

Inversion on unstructured meshes based on the dcfemlib library
it allows for modeling and inversion in 2 or 3 dimensions on arbitrary geometries

Ready made software

DC2dInvRes - Direct Current 2d Inversion and Resolution
A comfortable GUI for 2d inversion based on FD methods
DC3dInvRes - Direct Current 3d Inversion and Resolution
A comfortable GUI for 3d inversion based on FD methods
DC2dTree - DC resistivity 2d inversion on closed geometries (as trees)
Ra2dTomo/TT2dTomo - Refraction seismics / travel time tomography

The web inversion service

Ever dreamed of automatically inversion on the web? This is the answer.
At the moment this is the only way to run the unstructured mesh inversion without installing dcfemlib under Unix.
See documentation for DC2dInvRes, DC3dInvRes and DCTopo for description of file types and options.