Ra/TT2dTomo - refraction and travel time tomography

These programs do not have directly to do with the subject resistivity. However, we started inversion of travel times when applying the a new joint inversion scheme to dc resistivity and refraction seismics data. Also other ray tomographic methods as with GPR antennas are possible.

In order to develop and test the codes we compiled independent GUIs according to DC2dInvRes and DC2dTree. Although the code is basically the same, we branched out two GUIs:


is a tool for 2d refraction tomography. It is able to incorporate arbitrary surface topography by the use of unstructured triangle meshs.

It reads several formats (reflex, gremix, tom and own formats) and allows the user to specify depth and fineness of the model. Usually a gradient type starting model is applied to enable ray coverage. Several inversion options can be chosen as lower velocity limit, smoothness or robust data inversion or blocky model constraints. The result can be exported to eps/pdf Files. Different display modes reveal insight into the data.

As below 1.0 the current version 0.8 is a tool for playing and definitely subject to future refinement. Download the latest version from the download section.

Screenshot of Ra2dTomo


is a tool for ray tomography on closed geometries, e.g. trees or model tanks. But also crosshole tomography may be applied easily. The shape of the geometry is defined by transmittors and receivers on arbitrary positions. The options are quite the same as for Ra2dTomo. However the data are diplayed more in the scope of apparent velocities.

The current version 0.6 leaves room for future development, too.

Screenshot of TT2dTomo

Obtaining the software

Up to now the software is not released to public. However, if anyone likes to test it on his data, please contact Thomas