BERT and libraries

BERT 1.0 distributions including the whole dcfemlib library are available for Linux 32 or 64bit and Windows 32bit, since there are only few changes we do not recommend to build it from source anymore.

The GIMLi library can be retrieved by SNV. Frequently changing BERT 2.0 binaries (experimental) are also available.

If you're interested please contact Carsten or Thomas specifying your platform.


Programs with graphical user interface (GUI)

Unfortunately, the ready made-GUI's are restricted to Windows (XP,2000,Me). Maybe in the future we'll have executables for other systems, too.

The linked exe files are installers that easily setup the programs on your computer. The libraries provided in the have also to be copied to a system path or the program directory.

Note that the software is free for academic and non-commercial purpose only. Therefore you need a license file to use all export functions. It can be generated using the Link in the Start Menu generated and sending the result to

Enjoy the software and don't hesitate to send bugs or ideas!

Download links

Program version/type file comment 
DC2dInvRes 2.12.0 install setup-dc2dinvres2.12.0.exe current 
 2.12.0 update update-dc2dinvres2.12.0.exe current 
 2.11.0 install setup-dc2dinvres2.11.0.exe stable* 
 2.10.0 install setup-dc2dinvres2.10.0.exe old* 
DC3dInvRes 2.11.5 install setup-dc3dinvres2.11.5.exe current 
 2.11.5 update update-dc3dinvres2.11.5.exe current 
 2.10.4 install setup-dc3dinvres2.10.4.exe old+stable 
DC2dTree 0.9.2 install setup-dc2dtree0.9.2.exe current 
 0.8.6 install setup-dc2dtree0.8.6.exe stable* 
 0.7 install setup-dc2dtree0.7.exe old* 
 0.5.8 install setup-dc2dtree0.5.8.exe old* 
Ra2dTomo 0.8.3 install setup-ra2dtomo0.8.3.exe current 
 0.8.3 update update-ra2dtomo0.8.3.exe current 
Libraries installer for * installers: system.exe dll files 
BERT 1.0 tutorial bert-tutorial.pdf  
GIMLi tutorial gimli-tutorial.pdf