usage: invert cfgfile command1 command2 ...

comands are:

new [dat-file] -- write new cfg-file to stdout

all: prepare meshs primPot interpolate calcSensM save

newPara: prepare domain para interpolate calcSensM save

meshs: domain para primMesh

nomeshs: primPot interpolate calcSensM

prepare | prep -- prepare the calculation, creates some directories

domain -- generate the (outer) parameter mesh

paraMesh | para -- generate the secondary mesh

primMesh | prim -- generate the primary mesh

primPot -- calculate the primary potential

correct -- help for correct ...

interpolate -- interpolate the primary potential data to the secondary mesh

calcSensM -- starts the inversion process including sensitivity calculation

calc -- starts the inversion process without sensitivity calculation

save -- collect all essential files and put them together in result'Date'-directory

clean -- clean most temporary data except directories.

opts -- show all defaultoptions

mrproper -- clean all temporary data except result-paths

show modelfile -- prepare the modelfile and the parametric domain to view in paraview