Available Papers
Available Papers

Schünemann, J., Günther, T. and Junge, A. (2007): 3-dimensional subsurface investigation by means of large-scale tensor-type dc resistivity measurements, 4th workshop on 3D electromagnetics, Freiberg
Günther, T. (2007): Roll-along-inversion - A new approach for very long dc resistivity profiles, EAGE Near Surface Geophysics, Istanbul
Günther, T. and C. Rücker (2006): A general approach for introducing information into inversion and examples from dc resistivity inversion, EAGE Near Surface Geophysics, Helsinki (Finland)
Günther, T. and L. Bentley (2006): A new joint inversion algorithm applied to the interpretation of dc resistivity and refraction data, Computational Methods for Water Ressources, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Günther, T. and C. Rücker (2006): A new joint inversion approach applied to the combined tomography of dc resistivity and seismic refraction data, 19th SAGEEP, Seattle (USA)
Günther, T. and C. Rücker (2005): Applications of the Triple-grid Technique to the Inversion of DC Resistivity Data, Paper presented at the electromagnetic depth sounding workshop, Wohldenberg (Germany)
Günther, T. and C. Rücker (2005): A triple-grid technique for the 3d inversion of dc resistivity data incorporating arbitrary topography, Near Surface Geophysics, Palermo (Italy), awarded as best presentation and thus presented again at SAGEEP(2006)
Günther, T. (2005): Inversion Methods and Resolution Analysis for the 2D/3D Reconstruction of Resistivity Structures from DC Measurements, PhD Thesis, University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg (Germany)
Günther, T., Friedel, S. and Spitzer, K. (2003): Estimation of information content and efficiency for different data sets and inversion schemes using the generalized singular value decomposition, presented at the electromagnetic depth sounding workshop, Königstein (Germany)