is a bundle of matlab toolboxes for modeling, inversion and data handling. It is mainly based on structured parameterization and the use of finite difference modeling. So it represents the basis for the ready-made GUIs DC2dInvRes and DC3dInvRes. Up to now all GUIs (also DC2dTree, Ra2dTomo and TT2dTomo) are built under matlab within the scope of dcmatlab.

Furthermore we use dcmatlab for visualizing results and data obtained with our unstructured mesh inversion.


BASE - basic functions for calculation, graphics and communication
DATA - functions for reading, writing and plotting data
EQSOLVE - various types of solvers for systems of equations
PATCH - auxiliary functions for patch objects
RESOLUTION - methods to calculate resolution properties
DC2DINVRES - model functions and GUI's for 2D FD modeling & inversion
DC3DINVRES - model functions and GUI's for 3D FD modeling & inversion
DC2DTREE - model functions and GUI for 2D tree tomography
REFRAK - travel time/refraction tomography tools and GUI's
1D - tools and GUI for layered model inversion
BIN - binaries for use under Linux/Cygwin
LIB - Common libraries for stand-alone GUI's
MEX - Source files for building libraries with mex
SCRIPTS - several scripts that are mostly included in GUI's now