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On these pages we like to establish a forum for everything that has to do with resistivity methods in geophysics or other subjects. There will be room for up/downloading of documents, literature and discussions about different things like modeling, inversion, field data and so on.

We hope to establish a community. Anyone who's willing to cooperate in developing software, building the site or contributing to the discussions is heartily welcome.

In research you can find an overview on new papers as well as links or upload of ready or still-in-progress work.

One of the main points will be, of course, the software we are working on. We hope to bring it to a broad spectrum of users in research and teaching by steady development and documentation.

Data is for exchanging sample data, in download the software can be obtained and in the forum is space for discussion. In the future any user will be able to up or download documents or codes.

The resistivity.net web team


BERT - Boundless Electrical Resistivity Tomography - Thursday 25. of October
Our dc resistivity inversion approach is now called
BERT - Boundless Electrical Resistivity Tomography
boundless stands for any geometry (2d,3d,topography,bounded/unbounded,electrode shapes or whatever) and full control of the whole inversion - also available under windows now, see By Thomas GŁnther, 25-10-07 15:32
Category: resistivity.net
Web inversion - Thursday 16. of November
The web inversion service wasn't available for a while but is online again. However I cannot guarantee how long it will work. Moreover the only server left is a quite old one. So mid-term we are looking for a number cruncher with internet access. Can anybody help with this?

By Thomas GŁnther, 16-11-06 13:52
Category: resistivity.net

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