C++ command-line apps

Main bert application

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Usage: dcmod [options] Mesh file
Description: Description. DCMod - Forward modelling of dc resistivity data on a given mesh

  -shortcut [--longname] type (defaultvalue) 			: General option description

  -h [--help]			: Show this help.
  - [--version]			: Show library version and exit programm.
  - [--debug]			: Enable global debug mode.
  -v [--verbose]			: Verbose mode.
  -1 [--allOne]			: Set all conductivities to one.
  -S [--singularity-removal]			: Use singularity removal.
  -A [--analytical]			: Analytical solution using a homogeneous half-space.
  -V [--VectorOutput]			: Save potentials in several single files.
  -D [--DipolCurrentPattern]			: Calculate with dipol-current pattern instead of pol sources. Pattern will be determined automatically from given scheme file.
  -R [--refineInterMesh]			: Refine mesh for interpolation given with -m .
  -H [--refineH]			: Refine forward mesh spatially (h-refine).
  -P [--refineP]			: Refine forward mesh polynomially (p-refine).
  -a [--attributeMap] string (notDefined)			: map file for attributes.
  -r [--rho] string (notDefined)			: set rho values for each cell
  -b [--boundaryMap] string (notDefined)			: map file for boundary conditions.
  -c [--bypassmap] string (notDefined)			: map file for bypass conditions.
  -m [--meshtointerpolate] string (notDefined)			: interpolate output to another mesh (e.g. for SR).
  -o [--output] string (num)			: basename for collectfile and potential files.
  -p [--potentials] string (notDefined)			: save potentials to file.
  -s [--schemefile] string (notDefined)			: scheme file output will be a corresponding ohm-file.
  -x [--primaryFileBody] string (notDefined)			: file body for primary potential 
  - [--saveModel] string (notDefined)			: Save the used model into the given file.


Usage: dcedit [options] Data file
Description: DCEdit - Edit DC resistivity data set by filtering, error estimation or adding noise.

  -shortcut [--longname] type (defaultvalue) 			: General option description

  -h [--help]			: Show this help.
  - [--version]			: Show library version and exit programm.
  - [--debug]			: Enable global debug mode.
  -v [--verbose]			: Verbose mode.
  -G [--addGeometricFactor]			: Add geometric factor to the output list.
  -E [--estimateError]			: Estimate Error using error level+voltage.
  -A [--absoluteRhoA]			: Force absolute apparent resistivity.
  -N [--noisify]			: Add Gaussian noise using error level+voltage.
  -T [--trimmean]			: Trim rhoa about (mean +/- 3 std) log rhoa.
  -S [--statistic]			: Show some data statistics.
  -D [--downWeight]			: Downweight data instead of deleting it.
  -U [--delUnusedElecs]			: Delete unused electrodes.
  -B [--needsRhoaErr]			: Needs rhoa/error (forces estimation if none present).
  -c [--correctFile] string (notDefined)			: Correct with geometric factor from a 2nd datafile
  -f [--outputFormat] string (notDefined)			: Format for output data [default=as input]. 'all' saves all data inclusive invalid.
  -x [--outputCoords] string (notDefined)			: Format for output coords [default=as input].
  -o [--output] string (notDefined)			: Output filename.
  - [--inplace]			: Replace orignal file. If you know what you do.
  -e [--errorLevel] double (1)			: Input error level in %.
  -u [--voltageError] double (0.0001)			: Input voltage error in volts.
  -i [--defaultCurrent] double (0.1)			: Input current for error estimation
  - [--collect] string (notDefined)			: Collect u for data from datamap file (collect file)
  - [--sort]			: Sort the data regarding a b m n
  - [--sortX]			: Sort the sensor positions regarding the x coordinate
  - [--averageDups]			: Merge duplicated Data by averaging. Data will be sorted as well.
  - [--noFilter]			: omit default data filter
  - [--forceFlatEarth]			: Calculate geometricFactor with z=0.
  - [--delete] string ()			: --delete='var OPERATOR val:A' Remove or downweight all values that match the rule. e.g., --filter='k>100' , marks all data with k > 100 as invalid and omits saving them. Arguments following an optional :A, will filter absolute values of data. You can repeat the filter option multiple times. Valid operators so far are: <; >; =. Do not add spaces inside the filter rule. Please note, if you want to filter for electrode IDs, you have to subtract 1 to the values inside the datafile since the electrodes are stored internally from 0 to nElectrodes -1. If you want to remove unused electrodes apply option -U. e.g. completely remove the first electrode from the datafile, apply: --filter='a=0' --filter='b=0' --filter='m=0' --filter='n=0' -U
  -s [--filter] string ()			: DEPRECATED Please use --delete instead. --filter will be removed in the Future


Usage: dcinv [options] Data file
Description: Description. DCInv - Inversion of dc resistivity data using BERT

  -shortcut [--longname] type (defaultvalue) 			: General option description

  -h [--help]			: Show this help.
  - [--version]			: Show library version and exit programm.
  - [--debug]			: Enable global debug mode.
  -v [--verbose]			: Verbose mode.
  -1 [--useDCFEMLib]			: Use DCFEMLib1::BERT stuff (mesh, sens, primpot).
  -O [--OptimizeLambda]			: Optimize model smoothness using L-curve.
  -C [--OptimizeChi1]			: Optimize lambda subject to chi^2=1.
  -E [--OverrideError]			: Override error given in data file.
  -L [--LoadSensMatrix]			: Load sensitivity matrix (see also -j).
  -R [--RobustData]			: Robust (L1) data weighting.
  -B [--BlockyModel]			: Blocky (L1) model constraints.
  -T [--FullTimelapse]			: Do full minimization for timelapse.
  -S [--SingularityRemoval]			: Use singularity removal (see also -y).
  -J [--RecalcJacobian]			: Re-Calculate Sensitivity after each iteration.
  -P [--p2SecMesh]			: Use quadratic mesh for forward calculation
  -l [--lambda] double (-1)			: Regularization parameter lambda.
  -z [--zWeight] double (1)			: Weight for vertical smoothness (1=isotrope).
  -c [--constraintType] int32 (1)			: Constraint type (0,1,2,10,20).
  -b [--lowerBound] double (0)			: Lower resistivity bound.
  -u [--upperBound] double (0)			: Upper resistivity bound.
  -e [--error] double (3)			: Percentage error part for -E (see also -x).
  -x [--errorVoltage] double (0.0001)			: Voltage error part for -X (see also -e).
  -i [--iterations] int32 (20)			: Maximum iteration number.
  -j [--sensFile] string (Sens.mat)			: Sensitivity matrix file.
  -p [--paraMeshFile] string (notDefined)			: Parameter mesh file.
  -s [--startModelFile] string (notDefined)			: Starting model file or global start model resistivity
  -y [--primaryPotFileBody] string (notDefined)			: File name (without .#) of primary potentials.
  -r [--resolutionFile] string (notDefined)			: File containing resolution model indices or positions.
  -f [--regionControl] string (notDefined)			: File containing region control.
  - [--versionLocal]			: Show the current version.
  - [--sensOnly]			: Just calculate and save sensitivity matrix for given mesh and data.
  - [--localRegularization]			: force local regularization
  - [--isNotReference]			: Use the startmodel not as reference model
  - [--omitSecRefine]			: Do not refine mesh for forward calculation (only -S)
  - [--lambdaDecrease] double (1)			: factor to decrease lambda in every iteration
  - [--linearData]			: Linear data transformation.
  - [--lambdaIP] double (-1)			: IP regularization parameter.
  -t [--timeLapseFile] string (notDefined)			: Time lapse data file
  -q [--timeLapseConstraint] int32 (1)			: Constraint type for timelapse inversion (0,1,2,10,20).
  - [--lambdaTimeLapse] double (0)			: Timelapse regularization parameter.
  - [--timeLapseRegionFile] string (notDefined)			: region file for timelapse behaviour
  - [--fastTimeLapse]			: Improve speed for timelapse
  - [--timeLapseRemoveMisfit]			: Remove misfit of t=0 for t>0
  - [--fullTimeLapseAbsModel]			: Force absolute model calculation during full time lapse
  - [--fullTimeLapseStepModel]			: Constrain against last step model during full time lapse
  -n [--threadCount] int32 (0)			: Maximum threads to use